Republican Fail

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Republican Fail

Nov. 5, 2013

Last week, Mike Michaud was the best candidate in the race for Governor.  In 30 years of public service he has long been a champion of Maine people.  What was true last week is true today, and will still be true a year from now.

This week we will have a bit of a media frenzy.  There will be polling, speculation, excitement, and anxiety about how Mike’s announcement will affect the race.

Next week, news will happen.  This will be an old story, and we will talk about something else. 

Jun. 24, 2013

Governor LePage created another firestorm around the Statehouse last Thursday, but his vulgar and shameful comments about Troy Jackson were not the worst thing wrought from Republicans last week.

No, that honor goes to Ken Freddette and the House Republicans, who successfully killed the Maine Medicaid expansion.

They had no reason to do it, but a lot of excuses.

When the Democrats first brought the issue up in the hospital bill, Republicans complained about the process, and demanded that this be a separate bill.

Apr. 15, 2013

On Sunday, Governor LePage made an incredible statement to the Taxpayer’s United Coalition in Lewiston.  “Now is not the time to raise taxes.”

The crowd, made up primarily of conservative and tea party groups, clapped and nodded their approval.

Maybe that’s the point of the Governor’s budget.

Paul LePage’s budget is one giant gimmick to fool conservatives into thinking that he is not raising taxes.

Mar. 20, 2013

Governor LePage has a reputation as a straight talking conservative who says what he means and means what he says.

As time goes on, that reputation is proving to be more of a myth than reality.

In November, he issued issued a senseless ultimatum.  He said he would not meet with Democratic leaders in the new legislature until the Maine Democratic Party fired a cameraman who records his public events.  Last month he backed down from that threat. The cameraman is still happily employed.

Mar. 11, 2013

Governor LePage is playing a cynical game with the Maine economy. For months, the Governor has refused to release voter-approved bonds for projects that would boost the state’s economy.  Right now, he is using the bonds as leverage to push his flawed and unconstitutional plan to pay the hospitals.  He says he will release them when the legislature does what he wants.

Mar. 4, 2013
Medicaid expansion is no longer a partisan issue. In recent weeks, Tea Party Republican Governors’ have begun to realize the economic benefits and saving it will bring to their states. In fact, eight Republican governors, including vocal Obamacare opponents like Chris Christie of New Jersey and Rick Scott of Florida, have now reversed their original position and plan to expand Medicaid.
Mar. 1, 2013

Last week it was House Republican Leader Ken Fredette threatening to shutdown state government if the Democrats to do what he wants. Today it’s Governor Paul LePage who announced on WVOM radio that he is going to veto any bill that comes across his desk until the legislature does what he wants.

Feb. 27, 2013

I was just a kid when Barry Sanders played in the NFL, but the one thing I will always remember was his unhuman ability to change direction on a dime.  The Governor of Maine has a similar skill.

On Tuesday, the Governor’s budget chief Sawin Millett dropped the shocking bombshell (one that Democrats have been dropping for years) that the four year pay freeze for state employees has made it difficult to hire qualified workers. I know, the concept that money attracts talent is just mind blowing!

Feb. 25, 2013

The Maine Republicans have a new strategy.  Create a crisis and use it as a bargaining chip to force more cuts.  Sound familiar?  It should. It is an exact carbon copy of the Republican strategy in Washington.


Jan. 11, 2013

In case you were wondering how Governor LePage was going to pay for his more than $400 milion tax cuts for the wealthy fill a looming gap in the next two year budget, you got your answer today: a property tax increase on Maine’s middle class.